05 July 2019

This release includes a fix for a bug reported by John Ahlroos. Thanks John! This bug was related to using the Gradle plugin.

This release also includes a new feature which allows you to use the following syntax within your GrooCSS files, thus enabling IDE code completion in conjunction with using the Gradle Plugin or other method (eventually asset-pipeline).

org.groocss.GrooCSS.process {
    /**  your code here, such as... */
    table {
        border 2.em
        color black

Once again, all with IDE code completion within your DSL without jumping through any fancy hoops (in IntelliJ IDEA but theoretically other IDEs as well). The only thing you would need to do is set up your project as a Groovy project with GrooCSS as a dependency.

I’ve also finished updating the website to use JBake with code syntax highlighting, menu, and more. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time and I hope you like it!

As always any feedback is welcome. Please try out M3 as it should be the last Milestone release before 1.0-GA.