31 July 2019

Version 1.0-RC1 has been released! The next release will be 1.0!

Please get your feedback, comments, and suggestions in soon!

New Features

This release has two great new features: Variables, and Config through Properties.

From the manual:

“Enabled the use of Properties file. For example: new Config(props) or GrooCSS.withPropertiesFile(filename) or with the Gradle plugin you can use propertiesFile = file("groocss.properties") within the task definition. Allows the property "processorClasses" to be a list of class-names separated by commas for Processors to use.”

“Added the ability to add variables to Config and have them available in scripts.”

See the new manual for more about these features.


1.0-RC1 works with Groovy 2.5 but you can specify 1.0-RC1-groovy2.5 or 1.0-RC1-groovy2.4 if you want to use Groovy 2.4.

Future releases might only work with Groovy 2.5 and up.