The GrooCSS codebase includes a working Micronaut example that uses Micronaut with asset-pipeline.

Taking a look at the build file, you’ll see the asset-pipeline plugin is included among the plugins:

plugins {
    id "io.spring.dependency-management" version "1.0.6.RELEASE"
    id "com.github.johnrengelman.shadow" version "4.0.2"
    id "com.bertramlabs.asset-pipeline" version "3.0.6"

Second, you’ll need to add asset-pipeline-micronaut as a runtime dependency and the groocss-asset-pipeline as a "assets" level depenedency (a custom asset-pipeline configuration).

    runtime 'com.bertramlabs.plugins:asset-pipeline-micronaut:3.0.7'
    assets 'com.bertramlabs.plugins:groocss-asset-pipeline:3.0.7'

This will allow you to put GrooCSS files in "src/assets/lib" and have them automatically converted to CSS available to your application.

See the asset-pipeline docs for more.

Or checkout the Micronaut example code.

Last updated: 31 July 2019