New in 1.0-M4

Added missing Pseudo-Elements and some missing properties (caret-color, appearance, and user-select). Pseudo-elements can be added using ** syntax. Also updated Translator and added PlaceholderProcessor (copies any ::placeholder to ::-webkit-input-placeholder) and fixed a bug in processing.

You must add PlaceholderProcessor to your Processors manually - it's not there by default.

Also fixed a bug which made new extensions methods not working in custom Gradle builds.

New in 1.0-M3

This release fixed bugs in the Gradle plugin and added support for groovy scripts "without the base".

The "without the base" feature should allow you to define a groocss file that starts with org.groocss.GrooCSS.process { and ends with } and if GrooCSS is defined as a dependency to your project you should now have IDE code completion (in IntelliJ IDEA for example).

New in 1.0-M2

The ability to provide custom Processors and validators as well as the inclusion of a DefaultValidator and optional validator.

The ability to use 10.percent or 10 %_ to create percent measurements.

New in 1.0-M1

Used extension modules to extend String, Integer, and Number classes to enhance code completion and add new features.

This allows for the following syntax for example:

'div p.test a'.$ { /*DSL*/ } or 'div p.test a'.sg { /*DSL*/ } and 'aabbcc'.color //becomes a org.groocss.Color

New in 0.12

Gradle GroocssTask now extends Copy task and supports -t option (requires Gradle 4)

Support for transitions using closures. Ex: transition {flex '2s'} {borderColor '1s' ease '0'}

Improvements to the CSS Translator

New in 0.11

The ability to import other groocss files is supported by importFile, importStream, and importString methods which take a parameter map and input. For example:

importFile otherCss.absoluteFile, linkColor: '#456789'

This would allow you to make a "template file" for example with variables replaced in multiple ways.

There are also "raw" and "comment" commands, for including raw CSS and comments respectively.

New in 0.10

New in 0.7-0.9

Last updated: 31 July 2019