New in 1.0-RC1

Enabled the use of Properties file. For example: new Config(props) or GrooCSS.withPropertiesFile(filename) or with the Gradle plugin you can use propertiesFile = file("") within the task definition. Allows the property "processorClasses" to be a list of class-names separated by commas for Processors to use. See the docs for more information.

Added the ability to add variables to Config and have them available in scripts.

New in 1.0-M3

Added missing Pseudo-Elements and some missing properties (caret-color, appearance, and user-select). Pseudo-elements can be added using ** syntax. Also updated Translator and added PlaceholderProcessor (copies any ::placeholder to ::-webkit-input-placeholder) and fixed a bug in processing.

You must add PlaceholderProcessor to your Processors manually - it's not there by default.

Also fixed a bug which made new extensions methods not working in custom Gradle builds.

New in 1.0-M3

This release fixed bugs in the Gradle plugin and added support for groovy scripts "without the base".

The "without the base" feature should allow you to define a groocss file that starts with org.groocss.GrooCSS.process { and ends with } and if GrooCSS is defined as a dependency to your project you should now have IDE code completion (in IntelliJ IDEA for example).

New in 1.0-M2

The ability to provide custom Processors and validators as well as the inclusion of a DefaultValidator and optional validator.

The ability to use 10.percent or 10 %_ to create percent measurements.

New in 1.0-M1

Used extension modules to extend String, Integer, and Number classes to enhance code completion and add new features.

This allows for the following syntax for example:

'div p.test a'.$ { /*DSL*/ } or 'div p.test a'.sg { /*DSL*/ } and 'aabbcc'.color //becomes a org.groocss.Color

New in 0.12

Gradle GroocssTask now extends Copy task and supports -t option (requires Gradle 4)

Support for transitions using closures. Ex: transition {flex '2s'} {borderColor '1s' ease '0'}

Improvements to the CSS Translator

New in 0.11

The ability to import other groocss files is supported by importFile, importStream, and importString methods which take a parameter map and input. For example:

importFile otherCss.absoluteFile, linkColor: '#456789'

This would allow you to make a "template file" for example with variables replaced in multiple ways.

There are also "raw" and "comment" commands, for including raw CSS and comments respectively.

New in 0.10

New in 0.7-0.9

Last updated: 31 July 2019